As the advancement of smartphones continues, many smartphone companies have already begun fitting a wireless charging conductor pad inside their devices. The new Nexus 5 for example comes with a wireless charging pad that allows you to charge the phone using any type of wireless transmitter charger.
So what if you own a Samsung Galaxy S4 or a Note 3 and want to wirelessly charge your phone? Samsung does not offer this option on any of its devices, so what can you do? You could buy a third party case with a built-in wireless pad, but those are typically thick and it forces you to change cases.

Well, fortunately for S4 or Note 3 users there’s a new inexpensive option for wireless charging. Meet the RAVPower Orbit Qi-Enabled wireless charger. With the RAVPower Wireless Receiver for your phone, you now have an easy way to charge your phone without ever plugging any cables into the phone.

Provided by RAVPower, I will be reviewing both the Orbit Qi-Enabled wireless charger and the Galaxy S4 wireless receiver pad. Throughout my review I will be covering topics such as the unboxing, design and usage, and my overall thoughts.

1 – What’s Inside the Box.

The Unboxing

When opening the box you will find the Orbit charger itself, a multi-language user manual, and a 1.5A USB wall port. The Orbit charger is a small, yet well-built charging stand that you place your phone on.

Wrapped around the circular design is the long USB cable that you can plug into either a PC or the included wall adapter. On the front of the device is a red/green LED that indicates whether or not the Orbit is charging your device. A small annoyance is that the LED blinks between red and green while the device is sitting on the pad. In a dark bedroom at night, this may be annoying.

As RAVPower only sells wireless receivers for Samsung Galaxy S4s and Note 3s, I was quite happy to see that the included wall adapter was a 1.5A charger which is enough to slow charge either phone. Since the Orbit can be used on any device with wireless charging capabilities, the 1.5A wall port is a nice middle point for all phones.

When unboxing the wireless receiver you’ll find the receiving pad and a set of directions on how to install the pad. Be sure to follow the directions carefully.

2 – The Orbit in action!

Design and Usage

There are many wireless chargers on the market, many of them being a rectangle design, but the RAVPower Orbit is unique in that its circular design makes it easy to travel with and is even small enough that it could fit in your pocket.

The circular design also comes in handy since the USB charging cable can be wrapped around the device, not only protecting the cable but making sure that it is always with you. There are also strong rubber feet on the bottom of the unit which stops the Orbit from moving around.

On the face of the Orbit you may notice a gray ring around the on/off logo. That gray ring is actually a non-slip surface that holds your phone firmly. It works even better with a case on the phone.

The wireless receiver is quite thin and comes with a strong adhesive. Once applied to the correct mounting holes you should be set to go. There is, however, one issue I and you will have to deal with if you decide to use the wireless receiver. When Samsung designed the Galaxy S4, they did not intend to have users place a wireless receiver or pad inside the back casing. With the pad placed, it became difficult to snap on the plastic back cover of the S4. After the cover was in place and holding, I reattached my Ballistic case and there was a slight offset of the case and the camera position. Although this did not affect the camera, it should be noted that with the pad in place it does cause the back cover to bulge slightly. Personally, it did not bother me in any way and I have kept the pad on the phone ever since.

As I just mentioned my case, I can state that the wireless charging capabilities preform flawlessly even with a thick case on the phone. This may be a worry for some as removing your case to charge your phone defeats the purpose of the convenience of wireless charging.

After using both the Orbit and wireless charger for two weeks, my usage report is quite positive in that the wireless charging has made charging simple and quick. Besides a little extra heat generated by the wireless receiver, I did not run into any major issues while using the Orbit. After setup, it’s as easy as one-two-three.

Some may be thinking by now, what does this have to offer over just the standard USB cable my phone came with? The charger charges your phone at the same speed as a standard USB cable and it still needs to be next to a wall to charge, but it's the convenience of setting your phone on a charging pad rather than fussing with a USB charger.

3 – The Wireless Receiver

My Final Thoughts

All in all, this is a product I would wholeheartedly recommend to other S4 and Note 3 users. The style, usage, and functionality of the Orbit is a great inexpensive way to get wireless charging on your smartphone. Remember that the Orbit itself can be used with any device that has wireless charging capabilities and not just ones with their receiver. At $29.99 for the Orbit and $9.99 for the wireless receiver, the price point should be reachable for any budget. This product may not be for everybody as it's just another way to charge your phone, but if you're somebody who just sets your phone down when you get home, at least you have it charged for the next day.

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