With so many places to drive to, the only thing standing in your way is the directions to get there. You could choose to use an old fashion map, but not only is it illegal to drive and use a map at the same time, you’ll give yourself a bigger headache than ever.

With so many people in the world owning a smartphone, using your smartphone as a car navigation system is one of its many benefits. The only downside is GPS tends to drain your battery, leaving you arriving to your destination on time, but with a dead phone battery.

You could choose to carry one of RAVPower’s many portable phone chargers, but what if you had the option to charge while you drive? Powered by wireless charging technology, RAVPower’s latest gadget allows you to quickly and easily charge your phone as you drive.

Welcome to my review of the RAVPower Qi Wireless Car Charger Dock, model RP-WCN14. Throughout this review I will discuss the design, usage, and my final thoughts. I would like to thank RAVPower for providing me with this device.


Offered in a single matte black color and built around a plastic body, the charger comes in three different pieces; the main charging head, a suction cup and air vent mounting bracket.

The first is the charging head, the section of the unit that will cradle your phone and offer the wireless charging.. Its charging surface uses a thin rubberized pad that will not scratch your phone, but instead allow it to have a strong grip. Moreover, the front surface also supports a Qi charging logo and RAVPower branding.

Every phone is a different size and some people choose to use a phone case, so to adjust to the large array of phones, the head has two adjustable clips that smoothly slide outwards with a tap of the rear button. These arms or clamps also use a rubberized pad that should protect your device. To allow your phone to rest easily and not slide down, the unit uses two protruding feet that act as a stand.

Next, RAVPower provides two optional mounting stands. The first is the standard suction cup mounting bracket. This unit has a large diameter rubber suction cup that contains some sticky tape or paste to better hold onto the windshield. (Note: This sticky material does not leave residue on the windshield.) Suction is applied by pushing down the rear mounted lever and with the suction mount in place, the head unit can spin 360 degrees.

Users can also use the secondary option and mount the Qi charging head to a car’s air vent. While still constructed out of plastic, this mount is quite sturdy and even uses rubber pads to stop scratches on your car’s interior.

Personally, I stuck with the suction mount as it allowed for a greater height and allows for the 360 degree movement, but it’s pleasing to see that RAVPower includes both mounting hardware options for those who want a clean windshield.

When it comes to powering the charger, RAVPower includes a car charger to USB port and also offers two USB cables that use a flat, tangle-free, design. Simply run the USB cable to the charger’s head unit and the LED will show that power is being received.


I decided to use the Qi car charger with the largest phone I had available, a Samsung Galaxy Note 4, without a case.

With the Note 4 in place and the Qi charger suctioned to my windshield, I took a four hour car ride with the Note 4 giving me constant directions on the way there. During the trip, I drove on smooth, bumpy, fast and slow roads, allowing me to see that the Qi would function just as intended. It never once fell off or, more importantly, never let go of the phone.

The Note 4 lacks wireless charging, so the built in charger doesn’t assist me much in this case. For those who don’t have a wireless charging case, you can opt to connect the power cable directly to the phone, instead of the Qi charger. While is defeats the Qi’s main purpose, it’s nice to have the tiny opening to charge the phone separately.

Output power is 5V/1.5A which should be enough power to keep your phone working and charge it as well. There are more and more phones coming with built-in wireless charging and there are many third party cases that allow you to use this wireless charging technology. The Qi Car Charger is rated to work with nearly all devices.

My Final Thoughts

The RAVPower Qi Charger is a multifunction car charger that offers a great build quality and has that extra touch when it comes to charging the device. RAVPower makes sure to include all of the necessary hardware and accessories to get you on the road and allow your phone to guide the way. For a price of $39.99, it’s on the higher side, but well worth the cost if you find yourself using your phone’s navigation system and then arrive at your destination with a dead phone battery.

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