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I'm hosting a pen and paper round with a rule set I developed myself. I use google drive and its services for hosting the rule set, maps and so on.
As of by now the players have to construct their own character sheet and I have a version via open office (which I want to scrap after implementing it into google sheets) in which many sums are already implemented. But I would like to have the possibility for them to just put in any value and the other resulting values just fill up automatically.

here is the catch: when they level up they have to spend Experience Points. The higher the value the higher they have to spend. e.g. in a value 1-6 they have to spend 1, but from a range from 7-10 they have to spend 2, 11 to 14 means 3EP each and so on. Meaning if they want to have a value rise from 7 to 11 they have to spend 9 EP in total.

And here is another catch: to streamline their decisions I also implemented rules like "every value over 12 can only be risen by a maximum of 8. But if you want to rise a value by more than 4 the EP costs double and when more than 6 steps then the EP costs triple. Also with every 5th thing where you want to rise the value you have to spend 20 EP extra" (sorry, I'm German and I more or less have to translate this overly complicated passage in the rules)

So, what I would like to have is something like:

starting valuesteps upnew value (that's easy for me)EP spentautomatic comment
EP total spent: 12

So that they only have to fill in the "steps up" collum and everything else is filled automatically.

Any ideas how to make it possible ind google sheets and since we are still in kind of a beta phase for the rules in a way where I can change it easily?

thanks up front

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If you said spread sheets it would have drawn more attention.
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