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Character set problem

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new Acer 1210 - Vista home premium.
getting the following character set in Windows Mail and a golf software program:

[email protected]#$%?&*()_+




Please help.
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Hi Pat,
I posted on another forum as well and got a suggestion to try another keyboard. When I got the Acer last month, I just plugged it in and used the HP keyboard and mouse from my old computer. I have used many keyboards in the years that I have had computers and never saw any difference in them.
I hadn't even taken the Acer keyboard from the box. When I hooked it up the character problem was solved. However, the Acer keyboard is the worst I have ever seen for a desktop computer. It is flat with 'chicklet' keys almost at the same level as the frame. The only difference between it and a bad laptop keyboard is the size and the lack of a touchpad. I will definitely have to find a better keyboard and hope I can get one that is compatible with the characters.

Thanks for the reply.
Final outcome:
I took the Acer keyboard off and substituted a Compaq keyboard, which worked OK. Took the HP keyboard, which had been on the Acer and giving trouble, and put it on the Compaq and it worked OK. So I guess I can trash the crappy Acer keyboard.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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