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Changing System Partition

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Hi, I have a question that hopefully someone can answer. I use xxclone to create images of my hard drive for backup, the image is stored on the same hard drive as the XP installation, but on a different partition. Recently a windows update irreparably screwed my system partition, so I went to the recovery console and added the backup partition to the boot list, using bootcfg command. And that allowed me to boot to the backup, where everything was fine.
Now, my problem is that the partition where the original installation was is set as the "System" partition. The backup partition that I'm running now is set as boot. But I want to format the corrupt partition, but of course it won't allow me to when it's the system partition. So how do I go about changing it?
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You wouldn't by any chance have another computer you could put this hdd in, would you?

You could always set that one as the slave in another computer, and force the format.
Will it not let you just delete the partition then remake it, using a good old startup disk, or even the windows xp cd itself ?
Hi, thanks for the answers. Here's why that won't work.
I did force the format, using the Recovery Console. Bad idea. It rendered the system totally unbootable. On startup right after POST it said: System Disk Error
So what I did is reinstall XP on the old system partition, then it booted. I added the backup partition to boot.ini using bootcfg, again. Then i was able to boot to the backup partition. But the original partition is still set as System. In Disk Management it won't allow me to do a thing to it. Not even change the drive letter.
So you are booting into windows from the backup ? try using a third party program, like paragon partition manager which is a great app for managing partitions, try downloading the trial version, i got it free recently on a coverdisc and used it.
What would I do with that? Like I said in my previous post, when I did delete the system partition it totally screwed the computer. Won't that happen with any partition manager?
It allows you to change a partition type, delete and make partitions etc while inside windows.... not saying it will change the partition successfully being disk management does not let you, but the option is there and worked for me before, you never know untill you try... in my experience some 3rd party software works when windows alternitives will not.
I personally would image the back-up partition using Drive Image XML (free) then restore the image file to the regualr partition

worth a shot you will need to perform the image file restore by booting into a Barts CD or similar make sure you include the Drive Image Plug-in found on the Drive Image page

here is a very good "how to"
Thanks Joe. I'll give it a shot when I feel like logging out of linux. I wouldn't have XP if it weren't that my dad hates linux:grin:
If the you have entered Windows, it will not allow you to format the system partition. You can only format it with a bootable CD.

Some freeware will help to format the system partition.
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