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Hi there, I'm new to the forum, but I thought it is very useful to ASK
before TRYING... :sayyes:
I have built a new system, with a 4 HDD RAID-5 (yes, I had bad
experience with lost data in the past...).
I have installed XP, and everything works fine now, but I now found out
that my 4 HDDs would support the SATA II mode (3 GB/s), but they
run at SATA generation 1 right now. (Hitachi 7K250)
The RAID controller (builtin ICH Intel chipset) is supposed to support
the 3 GB/s as well...
Question is now: can I change the drive speed with the Hitachi-provided
DOS tool on that four drives, and my RAID will still work?
Or is there risk of losing data (i.e. the entire RAID)?
If it didn't work, can I switch back to the 1.5GB/s mode without
And after all: anybody an idea of whether it's worth taking the risk??
(I thought 4 HDDs running at double the speed in the RAID5 MUST
have some positive effect... :4-clap:
Thanks for any hint, or sharing your experience.

Btw: my hardware: ASUS P5LD2, Pentium D 3.2, 2GB dualchannel
4xHitachi 7K250 in RAID5, WinXP Pro
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