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Changing Inspiron 530 Motherboard and Case

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Hello, I have an Inspiron 530. Over time I've upgraded the power supply to a Corsair ATX 450, installed a HIS Radeon 6850, and upgraded to Win7. I'm a little worried about possible heat problems and cards in the future that won't fit in the case. The 6850 is a tight squeeze in the my case so I want to get a Three Hundred. I also want to get a new motherboard so I can overclock my Q6600 but I don't want to get one yet. The problem is, I'm not sure if I can change the dell motherboard or even move the dell motherboard to a new case since dell is pretty restrictive on changing their system. I want to get a new case first because I'm kind of low on money, and change the motherboard later. Will the dell motherboard work with a new case?
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It's probably a standard motherboard but I would check things from the enclosure connectors on the motherboard to be sure they're standard and don't require a proprietary connection. I can't really tell from the diagrams online.
Dell boards are proprietary, while the 530 is pretty close to an Atx spec I would not count on it, if your looking to replace it with another socket 775 board, you need to do so soon the performance boards are disappearing from the market daily.
Okay so let's say I can't put the motherboard in a new case. If I save up for both a motherboard and case (hopefully soon) it should be no problem? The CPU is a Q6600 so I'm pretty sure id be able to take that out of the dell mobo and put it in a new one? And the other hardware besides the mobo? Also is a 775 mobo/CPU good for the next 2 years or so?
The Q6600 should wotk on an aftermarket Mobo with no problems but you will have to do a Repair Install, preferably a fresh install, of the OS. You will need a retail version of the OS to accomplish that.
Cool cool well thats good to know. I might just wait until am3 CPU and motherboard goes down a bit in price. Maybe get a phenom ii x4 and a good mobo. I'm having trouble finding a good standard atx 775 mobo.
Pretty much all that's left are G31 or G41 boards, The AM3 boards/CPU's are not going to get much cheaper.
After rereading your OP I noticed the 450W PSU. Your first purchase needs to be a more powerful PSU. 650W minimum for the 6850 GPU.
Well I guess I'll just have to save up. Gonna be a lot of moolah. I want a new case, motherboard, and cpu. And considering the new mobo I'll probably be getting will be DDR3 I'lll have to get new RAM. And a new power supply. Pretty much a whole new computer but I do need a custom built PC. How is this power supply? It says Core i7 Compatible. Does that mean only Core i7? - CORSAIR CMPSU-750TX 750W ATX12V / EPS12V SLI Ready CrossFire Ready 80 PLUS Certified Active PFC Compatible with Core i7 Power Supply
That PSU is a top quality unit. You can transfer it to the new PC when you have the funds to proceed. Look over our suggested builds list for ideas.
Alright then. I'll have to check that out. Thanks for the info guys.
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