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Changing a windows message

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When logged out of a pc, there's a screen which requires you to press ctrl+alt+del in order to be allowed to enter your username and password.
In that screen, there's a short text with information about why you are required to press ctrl+alt+del, is there a way I can change that text into a text of my own liking?

Or is there a way to change the text on the info box when a user has locked his pc on his account?

I'm hoping for some text file change or a registry edit.

Thanks a lot.
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Yes. Are you using Windows XP Pro or Home?
This registry tip will add a custom logon message when you login to the PC

First, before editing your registry remember to always back it up first, just incase you do something wrong. The registry when modified is an instant change and cannot be undone.

BACK UP REGISTRY: So to open the registry editor click on "START", "RUN", then type "REGEDIT" (No speech marks). The registry editor will now open, click on "FILE" then "EXPORT". From the save window that appear type in a file name (ie regback.reg), now click on "SAVE". Your registry has now been backed up.

TO ADD ENTRY DO THE FOLLOWING: Click on the left hand panel click on "HKEY_CURRENT_MACHINE" , "Software", "Microsoft", "Windows NT", "CurrentVersion" then "WinLogon".

On the right hand panel find "LegalNoticeCaption", double click on it and add the title text that you wish to use, i.e. "WARNING" or "HELLO" or what ever you want. Click on OK to confirm.

Next double click on "LegalNoticeText" and add your message, i.e. "Don't delete files from my computer" or "Welcome to my computer" or what ever you want. Click on OK to confirm.

When you reboot a message screen will appear before the login screen with your message. You can put quite allot of text in the message. Hopefully, Thats what you wanted :)
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Thanks a lot, that's exacly what I wanted.
Just in case, is there a way to do the 2nd thing? I mean add a caption to the screen when a user has locked the pc?
Hmm, I very much doubt it. I dont know to be honest :) Sorry!
Gosh that was complicated! It's the way to go if you have XP Home (I don't think there's local security settings in XP Home but I could be wrong)
If you're using XP Pro, go to control panel, administrative tools, local security settings.
Go to Local Policies, Security Options. On the right pane, double-click on
Interactive logon: Message text for users attempting to log on
Interactive logon: Message title for users attempting to log on
The first is the message, the other one is the title. It's used a lot in educational institutions and workplaces to display the acceptable use policy.
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