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Changing a CPU

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Hello there,
Well, i am thinking of changing my cpu (currently an intel core 2 duo e6320 1.86ghz)
I was thinking of getting <- but im really not the most technically minded person, and i have no idea whether this would be compatable with my motherboard. I think this is a dell 0ct017.

So, basically to summarise, how would i go about changing my processor, and would the above processor be compatible to my motherboard! Pre emptive thanks!
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sorry, to know if it will be compatible i need your full motherboard name, otherwise it's useless. i googled dell oct017 and found nothing. although you can check if it has a socket 775, which is what your dream processor(e8400 and most new ones) accept.
Right then, im using a program called cpu-z which apparently tells you everything about youre pc. As it was a gift i didnt put it togeter myself or anything, so ill just type everything thats there.
Manufacturer: Dell
Model: 0ct017 <- thats two zeros
Chipset: Intel PG95/G965
Rev.(?) C2
Southbridge: Intel 82801HH (ICH8DH)

Sorry if im being pedantic, im in the unfortunate position of loving computer games whilst also being computer stupid, but yeah, im sure all this is complete overkill. Anyways cheers for taking the time
Looks to me that it maybe compatible

Maybe wait for an expert to confirm though :grin:

I have the same motherboard as you and am also wanting to upgrade my CPU to an E8400 or perhaps even the E8500.

Did you go through with the upgrade yet? If so, any problems?

Hi, if you google for the Dell 0CT017, you'll find users who have Quad-Core running on it!

Is it a Dimension 9200 you have?

The easiest way to find out what CPU upgrades you can have is to ask Dell Techies....available from the right-hand side of the webpage linked above.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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