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I currently use a e-mail address to log in to my Microsoft account. I have created a new e-mail account and I want to use that as my Microsoft account login (I will eventually close the e-mail as there is too much downtime).

When I go to "Your Info" and then "Manage how you sign in to Microsoft", I click on "Add E-Mail" and I have 2 options 1) Create a new email address and add it as an alias and 2) Add an existing email address as a Microsoft account alias****************

When I click on option 2 and enter my e-mail address, I get an error which says "This email address is already taken. Please try another."

I posted in Microsoft Community and got a reply that I should contact their Answer Desk. I made contact and gave the above information. The assistant gave me instructions on how to create a "New" account (something I did not ask for). When I pointed this out, the assistant said that if he could have access to my computer, then he could resolve. I said no and asked for a step-by-step.
This is what he sent:-
1. Please Press ‘Windows’ and ‘I’ at the same time.
2. then select accounts.
3. select sign in with local account.
4. sign out from the present Microsoft account.
5. then sign in with the local account, which you created.
6. after signing in with the local account.
7. Please Press ‘Windows’ and ‘I’ at the same time.
8.then select accounts.
9. then select sign in with Microsoft account.
10. when you select this option, use the new outlook Email account.
11. Log out from the Local account.
12 . you will be able to see a option to sign in with the new Outlook Microsoft account.

It's not that I don't trust, but it looks like I am creating a new account (something I don't want to do, as I have other things linked e.g. Outlook and Office 365)

Are these instructions correct for making a change to existing login details rather than creation of a new account, and is it possible to change the e-mail used as your Microsoft account login?

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