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Challenge for the programmers amongst us - VerticalMouse2

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I am suffering from a tendinitis and received an Evoluent VerticalMouse 2 (Part Number : vmouse2) as a test device.
I have installed the driver ( and plugged the mouse into the USB port.
Fine... for the moment being. As I am also dyslexic I need my mouse to work in the opposite direction (Up is down, right is left), because not having this option on the other PCs I recently worked on, it caused my tendinitis. (It is extremely hard for the wrist when you need to hold the mouse with the wire towards yourself and cannot rest your hand on the mouse.)
I could manage to set the reversed orientation on my regular mouse with IntelliPoint 4.12 (
When you download the program you get an Activities tab in which you can select the orientation. By turning the mouse with the wire towards yourself, clicking on the racecar and move the car to the finish you reverse the mouse.
However, having installed the Evoluent mouse, it doesn't pop-up in the drop-down menu of IntelliPoint, so I cannot select it.
I am able to set any function for all buttons on my Evoluent, but not the reversed orientation.
Anybody an idea how to solve the issue ?

Thanks in advance !
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Scroll to the bottom of to download a script to invert the y-axis. It uses AutoHotKey which remaps keyboard & mouse buttons.

In it says there's a left-handed model. Would that be any easier to use if you're holding it upside-down?
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