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Certain Websites not working

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For some really odd reason certain websites do not seem to work (FedoraForum and TechGuy). I was just on Techguy not 30 minutes ago, and I haven't been able to access Fedoraforum for about 3 days. Now when I google it the loading bar stays at halfway forever. I used CCleaner to clean everything, then I tried again to no avail.

These sites don't work in Windows or Linux, and I wouldn't be surprised if I couldn't access this site in a few minutes/days........

Any help will be appreciated.
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well, I see the sites just fine. My first guess would be some sort of spyware, but if you already checked for that, then I can't see anything like that happening at all.

You might try reinstalling firefox, or trying IE? :4-dontkno
Naw, I tried that too. I just uninstalled Firefox, then installed it and it didn't work. I tried the Avant Browser. It didn't work.....

But TechGuy works for me, just FEDORAFORUM WONT WORK!!!!! It's driving me nuts!
An update, my dad's computer can't access FedoraForum either.
I flew straight into the site no prob's. Have you checked you haven't somehow blocked it with your hosts file?
How you do this?
What made me think this was because you said any browser couldn't access site, but then you said your Dad couldn't access either so I don't think you have blocked it because you'd get an applet stating it was blocked or similar, but might as well check it out.

Navigate - Windows > System32 > DRIVERS > etc > you'll see a 'HOSTS' file, open it with Notepad or similar and if you find the Fedora name and/or IP Number, delete the line, close and save file.
No, I didn't see that, all I saw was acme or something like that. But it was an "example" or so it said....
Yeah, that's the right file anyway. If there were any blocked sites they would have been underneath in a line not preceded with the hash.

Hmm, if it isn't one particular browser, what about your Firewall?
Zone Alarm Freeware......

But FedoraForum also doesn't work in Fedora Core 3.
How about a system restore? Would that fix it?
Ok, have no idea wth just happened, but it worked (I clicked on a link to it from my e-mail, and it scared the bejeebus outta me when it loaded, I almost spit my drink out LOL).

Thread solved: for now (until it goes out on me again :rolleyes: )
You sure they didn't ban your ip from the site temporarily for some reason? :laugh:
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