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Certain sites need refreshed to load or won't load at all

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Hey guys,

Here's the challenge:-

Running Windows 7/XP wired by ethernet to a home router.

A lot of sites I'm visiting seem to instantly crash (website not found) and need refreshed a few times before loading up.

Sometimes they don't load from clicking a Google search, and no matter how many times I click refresh they don't work. But if I go to the address bar and hit enter, it loads!

And one or two sites that I visit just won't load at all.

What I've tried that did NOTHING:-

Fresh installing XP and 7.

Chrome, IE and Firefox.

New LAN drivers.

Flushing cache, renewing IP.

Installing a USB wifi stick.

Safe mode.


My iPod on wifi loads them all perfectly.

If I boot up mini Linux, all sites work perfectly!

If I boot up mini XP, the sites work after refreshing a few times (even the ones that don't work at all during normal boot up).


Hope that jumble makes sense!

Any ideas how to fix this?

Thanks a lot!
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Hi and welcome to TSF try using a different port on the router ie plug the cable into port 3,try a new cable
Hi thanks for that.

I tried that, like I said though I tested with wifi and it still didn't work. And the sites load with mini linux with the same cable and port. So still looking for a solution :)

I am moving this Thread to Networking Forums.

Any other computers in your home network that experiencing the same issue as yours?

Have you also updated your router's firmware to the latest version that may download from the manufacturer's site? You may update your Network Adapter's driver as well.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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