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Hi, how do i stop normal users from using the CD Writer, but only allow Admins to use it

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I looked around through the user accounts and stuff but I didn't see place to turn it off. You could try disabling the device in device manager and hope they don't figure it out. Other then that a third party program may have to be installed.
If you disable it in Device Manager, can't you restrict ordanary users from accessing it? Also, how about hardware profiles, you could have that user's profile with the CD-RW disabled. Finally, Group Policies is probably the easiest way to kill it off.
please could you give me step by step instruction using Group Policies method
I checked the policy editor, it seems there is no way to restrict local users, only remote users. I think I'd investigate using hardware profiles with the devices you want to limit access disabled in the user's profiles.
If your running w2k then try

control panel->administrative tools->local security policy->local security settings->local policies->security options

The option twelfth up from the bottom allows the administrator to restrict cd-r access.

I'm not sure if its the same thing johnwill was talking about or not so I thought I'd post it anyways.
If you're talking about "Restrict CD-ROM access to locally logged on user only", that's the option I was talking about.

XP may have other options, I didn't check, since this system is a W2K system. :)
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