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CD-RW is not properly Working

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Alright Guys I need some help. I work with computers for a small company, but I came across a problem Ive never seen before, so I only have so much I can do to try to fix it. Its with my CD-RW drive and I just need some advice.
Basically It reads Some Computer Game cd's. It runs all other Audio/Data/Media Period. But it cannot run some video Games.

It tells me there is no cd, insert and restart application. Where as it runs some games off of CD's but not others. I reinstalled by my Drive. And Also as I try to add my other DVD rom drive back in,it wiped my HD IDE cable, so I had to replace it, luckily I have a few spare. So Im not sure as to what the problem to be is. I dont understand how it could run some games off cds and not others.

Updated Drivers to. Basically I doubt the game has anything to do with it. Doesnt run games Like Medal of Honor, Call of Duty, but will Run Starcraft, Star Wars Battlefront. Installs the games fine to(Call of Duty).

But it wont run them. I figure mayb its something wrong with my drive settings. Or My HD settings related to the drive, but then why would it run some games and not others? Im not so good with Drives, but I have so much I can do, Im better with other hardware stuff.Any help would be much appreciated.
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now that is indeed very weird. never encountered something like that before. hmmmm you can try searching for a firmware update but i dont know if updating the firmware for the drive will help at all.
I have come across a couple of heavily copy protected games that would not play on CDRW drives. They work fine on read only dvd or cd drives.
In fact they used to read those games, just not anymore. The drive also now wont burn cd's its freezes. I may replace the drive. I cant burn data or music no more. And it still wont read certain games.
I have had this problem on several occasions. It seems that after a while the optics get dirty or just wear out and the drive gets flaxy.

I would borrow a working drive from another machine and see if it works properly .
Might want to replace it with a dvd/rw. They have really come down in price.
I am currently having similar problems with my CD-RW, used to read all my game cds now only reads some rather than all. Used to be able to read all the games
@ ice_glitch
Have you tried running an optical drive cleaning disc? Have you tried cleaning the non-readable discs?
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