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CD-RW drive being read as CD-ROM

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Hi guys I have a problem- it is to do with my Plextor 40/12/40a CD-RW drive which is plugged into IDE4 of my Gigabyte GA-7vrxp motherboard.
Windows thinks it is is a CD-ROM drive but this was not always the case, as it was being read correctly before i reinstalled xp.

I have had a quick look for drivers on the net but apparently xp uses its own drivers to run this drive. so they are not provided.

if anybody has any ideas how to tell windows this is a CD_RW drive it will be greatly appreciated
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Welcome to Tech Support Forums Jitz :winkgrin:

Could you list how many IDE drives you have in your computer and where they are connected to.

But not knowing what you have right now I'll just post the following.

The last raid board I had you needed to have the CD-Roms hooked up to IDE 1 and IDE 2 and both should be jumpered as master.

The hard drives should be connected to IDE 3 and IDE 4 and both should also be jumpered as master.

If you look in the bios under Integrated Peripherals at the bottom of the list the OnBoard PROMISE Chip should be set to ATA.

More to come............................:D
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i have 3 idedrives, basically my hard drive(IDE-1), dvd-rom (IDE-2)and the CD-RW (IDE-4), I suppose it could be the option in the bios to change to ATA but i dont remember changing it. I will try that later as i dont actually have access to my PC at the moment(i am at work). will let you know how it goes. Are you thinking there could be another cause??

If the option is correct i will try swapping the drives over

thanks v.much for the help
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