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CD-RW and DVD freezes up computer

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Hello, I'm trying to read a CD, which contains about 80MEGS of jpg's (pics). When I place it in my CDRW drive, the drive powers-up, spins, etc. I can access the CD thru. My Computer, but when I attempt to look at a pic from the CD, the computer freezes and does not respond. CTRL-ALT-DEL, and I have the "MSGSRV32" program listed as "not responding". ANother C-A-D, and I get the dreaded blue screen "system busy" error.

The exact same thing happens when I put this CD in my DVD drive.

I tried another CD, and received the same problem.. The only way to unfreeze is to turn-off and turn back on.

There's no problem listed in Device Manager. The problem might be that it's a HP Pavilion...ANy ideas?

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Hello dano1427

See if any of these descriptions fit the problem yer havin

Msgsrv32.exe Stops Responding and Then the Computer Stops Responding
When you start your computer, you may experience all of the following symptoms: When you shut down your computer, your computer may stop responding (hang), and you may also receive an error message similar to the following: This program is not...;en-us;306616

"Msgsrv32 Has Caused an Error in Mmsystem.dll" Error Message and Your Computer Hangs When You Start It
When you start your computer after you install Windows Millennium Edition (Me), you may receive the following error message on a blue screen, and your computer may stop responding (hang): msgsrv32 has caused an error in mmsystem.dll If you start your...;en-us;297526

On HP Pavilion Computer with Riptide Sound Card, Message Reports That Msgsrv32 Caused Error in Wstream.dll
When you disable a Hewlett-Packard (HP) Riptide sound card in Device Manager, restart your computer, and then enable the Riptide sound card again, you may receive this error message or one similar to it: Msgsrv32 caused an error in WSTREAM.DLL,...;en-us;267012

Post back with results
**** fellow hp owner s*it
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