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Cd-rom Trouble!!!

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Yesterday, I downloaded a demo version of this cd burning software on my roomate's computer. It was useless. I deleted it. I turned her computer on today and it seems to have taken the Cd-rom and my external cd-writer with it. The computer won't recognize either drive and the icons are gone. Is there a quick fix to this so my roomate doesn't kill me?
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Welcome to the forums, brian! Did you uninstall or delete it? The way that you got rid of it coulda snitched those drives. Are they being detected at bootup? Also let us know what version of Windows you are running!

Here's the deal. The computer is an Ibm thinkpad 390x (2626). I uninstalled the program and now there is no cd-rom drive or external cd-writer listed. when I try to pull them up it says something to the effect of "cannot find drivers... (code 31)". I tried to uninstall and then reinstall the external cd reader/writer with the driver installation floppy (thinking I could use that for the time being) but for some reason it won't work. I am totally lost right now. Any advice? ideas? anything????

oh,'s running windows 2000.

ok first off Code 31 = A device attached to the system is not functioning.

More than like thats because the uninstall you did took the cdrom driver files with it. Thats pretty unusual just for a starting point could you tell me what the name of the software was that you downloaded?, and did it have its own uninstall option, or did you remove it from the add/remove programs in the control panel?

Anyway try this::

Goto Start > Control Panel > System > Hardware Tab > Device Manager, now at this point you should see yellow exclamation points on both of the effected drives.

If you do not let me know,

if you do :: double click it, it should bring up another box and in this box it will say this device is not functioning and give an error code. There will be an option button to Reinstall drivers, click it, it might ask for your 2000 disk but more than likely the required files are still in the windows tree somewhere. Once its done finding the right drivers, choose to install them, and that should be it :) Repeat this procedure on all effected drives. You will need to reboot once done. For the changes to take effect.
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Thanks for the response. Any and all help is appreciated.

The program was a demo by VOB systems. A program that is supposed to convert .avi files to .mpeg. I believe I used the "add/remove programs" from the control panel to get rid of it.

When I go to the device manager it does have the little exclamation points next to them. It does not offer a "reinstall" option, however. It has three options...DRIVER DETAILS, UNINSTALL, and UPDATE DRIVER. Am I missing something?
Try doing the "update driver " trick. That should snap it outta its funk!
update driver...

Again, I want to say "thank you" for the advice but, I tried the update driver trick with both of them. It said it worked. I restarted the computer and nothing has changed. No icons. They still have that exclamation point. Still "code 31".

Do you think I should try and use the uninstall (under device manager) and then reinstall them (or will that potentially cause a bigger problem)?
when they are searching for the files from where are they installing them?, I'm assuming its giving you a screen saying these drivers files are found for this device do you wish to install.

When it asks you from where you would like to update select the CDROM drive and place your 2000 disk in, try getting the drivers right off the CD.
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