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Cd rom not working/Please help

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Hi to all and anyone who can help me.
I am trying to restore an old 486dx4-100 and I am having some problems.
The Cd rom(cdu 33a-01) is not been recognised probably becauce when I have the ide cable from the cd-rom pluged into the sound card(orchid) this is the set up
I have,
soyo 4sa2 motherboard
orchid sound card
sony cdu 33a-01 cd rom
wd 1.2gb hard drive
I have the hard set up fine but the cd rom cant run off the hard drive cable as it dosent fit.
The cd rom cable dose not fit into the IDE 2 port on the mother board so I have it in the ide slot in the sound card.
The problem is that when I turn the computer on the cd rom makes a lot of noise and the floppy drive dose not exist .when I unplug the cd rom the floppy works fine.
Should I have a 40 pin cable running fron the sound card to the IDE 2 port on the Main board.
Thank you for reading
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