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cd recordable rewritable drive

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when i put in my memorex CD into the rewritable drive it doesnt seem to read that there is a disk in there to put my files onto ? does n e 1 no y it might b saying this?
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if other CD's work it could be a bad CD....if it is a CDRW you need to format first.

it is a CDRW how do i format the disk?
What burning software are you using?

•As SPEEDO said, we need to know what kind of burning software you are using.
•Personally, I recommend NERO, you can even format the CD-RW using NERO's interface.
•When you say "...a disk in there to put my files onto..." does that means you
are trying to use your CD/RW disc as if it was a floppy or a removable unit?
This is, you want to drag and drop files to the CD-RW disc like if it was a regular
folder? If so, be aware that you may not be able ro read those discs in other regular
CD-ROM, even other CD-RW units.

wel ive jus been tryin to get my music from comp onto a cd so i can put it in my stereo and get the music onto some tapes hafnt got a clue ive just been tryin to get it on the cd by right cliking the folder and send to cd from my comp lol but i dont haf a clue how to do it u probly can guess, does n e 1 no ware i can get NERO then? n format the disk ?:D ( i kno im dum ;) )

this answer is so complex i dont even want to try.

but i will say this.

the only way your stereo will read the disk is if you burn it in a normal format. for this, you will need nero or ez5 or something.

if your stereo can play mp3 cd's, then that simplifies things a tiny bit, but i still dont think the drag and drop disk format will work for this.

normally, to burn a music disc, i get all the files together, then i start ez5 and i add the files to a music project.

then i burn an image file (to avoid failures) and then burn the disc from that image file. (you may need to buy cd-r audio discs for some stereos to read them)

the drag and drop is for archiving and assembly mostly. it works best with rw cd's and usually will only work in a pc that has the same software on it. that is unless you finalize the disk. (close it forever, or untill you reformat it)

if your machine can play mp3's, then you would add the files to a data project, and burn the image, and then record the image onto cd. (for these type discs, i always like to use the black audio discs, but any will work)

you can always do a search on dogpile and look for nero burning rom, or roxio easy cd creator 5.
both have a free version.

many people say bad things about roxio, but i think it is simpler for the entire family to burn cd's with roxio. and as far as problems, all the problems i have ever had with nero and roxio have been the same (and always my drive's fault)

keep in mind that if you use a data format, you are limited to the size of the disc in megs, but if you use audio format, you are limited to the size in minutes.

for example....

50 megs = 5 minutes
210 megs =24 minutes
650 megs =74 minutes
700 megs =80 minutes

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yes, i agree with bob about roxio being easy for the entire family.

i have

Clone CD
Roxio 5
Nero 5 i think
B's Recorder Gold

and out of all of them, roxio is the easiest to use. even my seven year old son uses it without problems. i did however notice that roxio and nero both have limited buring format options. the difference probably is that my B's recorder is a retail copy.

but they all seem to work.

Vikki :~:
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tried ?
:D :D :D

when you install Nero 5, it creates 2 icons

-Nero Burning Rom,
-Nero Express,

you can burn a CD with 3 clicks of your mouse when using Nero Express. It is worth the try.
Just a suggestion ;P
While some people seem to have no problem with EZ-Creator, I see far more issue with it than Nero, and I've had excellent success with Nero on a wide variety of hardware. I haven't been so successful with EZ-Creator. :rolleyes:
I used EZ Cd creator from just about the time when CD-Burners first came on the market. I saw Nero and thought of it as being a second rate program.

But a few years ago I decided to give Nero a try when it came bundled with one of my burners, Now it's the only one that I will use in any of my machines.

My vote is for Nero.................:D
GO Nero! :clap:
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