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CD Embossing Thingy??? (RESOLVED)

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This may in wrong forum, but can't figure out where it belongs if so.

How and where do I get wutevah it is I would need.....2 emboss the tops of burned CDs with titles, etc.??? And wut is that?

I Googled and learned nothing. Which nevah happens. Would it be separate software or within a given burner itself?

I don't C it in DeepBurner Free I use on my desktop....or Nero on my lappy.....and think making the paper labels is total, annoying waste of time.

Am running XP Pro on the system I do most of my music burning with.

Thanks and bless U helpers!
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it's a special burner with lightscribe time for you to upgrade
O!!!! It's in the actual optical drive??????? Can your brother send me the recipe? If not, how much would this thing cost, dai?


Nowwwww. I get why Googling "CD embossing software" produce nuthin.

Edit: OK, I will now learn about this thngy...just found this:

THANKS HARDLY 4 first time, dai!!!!!
OK.....gotta watch out wut U ask about, right? BUT.....I am now gong to look in my Alienware Sentia 223 I found in garbage in May and fixed has Nero 6, is almost new, and MAYBE ITS CD/dvd BURNER does this, OMG!!!!!!!

Longer shot; just maybe...the optical drive in this Optiplex....might be one which suports this thingy I all of a sudden can Not live without!!!!

Cause article says some do!!!!! I think.

Hi Jill,

Great to see you again. Like dai said, you need to upgrade to do that because most that came with your original computer don't have that technology. Here is a link that has a nice unit that has that feature and it is not too badly priced:

Hope that helps and have a great evening.
Backattcha, Tumble!!!!

OK I kinda think U right about my desktop.....but need to check the lappy, cause just maybe, its burner can do this! Will use yr link, thanks so much.....also get kinda how this works and naturally, logically, U need the blanks which will let U do it! The flipping pancake blanks I just learned about!

But think this is very adorable thingy and I need it. Because nobody on planet is starving or homeless, or canon fodder in civil war we brought about, OK?

I am being very selfish.

Thanks, Tumble!


One other point I forgot to mention. I don't have one of those at the present time, but I am told they are slower than a stream of water in the Artic Circle.

Since I don't have one to test that out, can't veryify if that is true or not, but thought you may want to check that out in your travels.

Have a great evening.
PS...OK that is no money optical drive, boy! I get tons of stuff from Newegg....but also got my sick wD HDD from them. Have yet 2 check my lappy.....but the word "coaster" makes me cry......though only a couple of reviews said that.

Also C and this is good that I saw already....have to move the tic tacs (jumpers) on this drive before biggie but good 2 know NOW.

Only little confusion right ow: my current desktop optical drive/burner...I think a SONY, is 48X....and this one is less. Do I know wut that means? Is Dick Cheeney a human being?

This is little learning curve.....thanks so much!

Tumble....jus caught your last post; in the Newegg reviews for this puppy, couple of people said for price, it was remarkably fast.

But I will now learn that i know wut the thing is to begin with.

Bless U.....and the other pundits here....and this site which is beyond words.
I've heard the burnable media for these things is fairly pricey. From what I remember, all you get is two-tone printing, black & gold if I remember right.
I've heard the burnable media for these things is fairly pricey. From what I remember, all you get is two-tone printing, black & gold if I remember right.

Gird, U remember correctly. But....gray tones would be so spectatcular 4 me, as opposed to paper labels, I do not care.

Howevah...I just chatted with Victoria. (C attached) U remember huh? Kidding....she is with Dell. And she did confirm the indigenous burner will not support lightyears, footecandles or subscribe. None of them. but that was just confirmation re my desktop; I still have a feeling about my lappy and will check.

Common....I am being spoiled brat. Whole world in turmoil and Jilly lusting to emboss her burned music I have any PER-spective???????

("EAT THE BROCCOLI; people in the world R STARVING!!!" My mother is IMing me in my head, oK?)

Thanks so much!

And everyone stop dissing Dell (the Optiplex line rocks); and wherevah he is now, I wish Michael a Blessed Holiday.
He is a Dell, a Dude & a Babe.


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No, Right?

OK....had to update lappy utilities anyhow. Poor little thing.....almost nevah use it, but luved finding and fixing it.

So....looked in Nero cover art thngy......lot of junk but appeared only 4 paper labels.

So then, I saw the Nero had hardware thingy and so opened those.....thought maybe it would say "YES! Alien burner CAN do this Lighscribe thingy, you've had it all along since May, YOU WON!!!!!"

But I don't thin so, oK? Cause it would say in one of the attached, right? "I DO THE LIGHTSCRIBE, I DO IT!!!:heartlove JUST GET THE PANCAKE BLANKS, HURRY UP!!!!!":grin:

Or....could it be hiding somewhere?????:sigh: Maybe under Patriot/Alienware is CLASSIFIED, RIGHT? Isn't everything?:eek:

But...wut is the ASPI item? Could that be the lightscribe thingy? Just waiting 2 be installed? Let me guess....the odds of this R.......same as that Melinda did not sign a prenup, right?:pray:

Thanks, guys!


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Here is some information on LightScribe, hope it settles you down and eases your mind


If you have NERO LABELER you might be in business :wink:
oK sumthin wrong....wut 2 does not open. I am attaching him again. No, said U have already done this, moron.

I know, OK? but he does not open. Is Optiplex jealous of Alien? Does not want to deal with Alien data?

That must B it.
Woahhhhh, GEEKGIRL!!!!!!

FOR REAL????????? I have that! Just saw it for first time since I found and repaired Alien!!!! I have labeler thingy!!!! In NERO!!!!!! I looked at the firmats and stuff....but it did not say anythng about lightscrib.....even opened the help file and did not say there either......said lots of stuff, though.


Renamed second file so it will upload again but will not know it. can be fooled, oK? Now will harvest data from Geekgirl link!!! Thank U!!!!!!
Edit: O thank U Geekgirl! I C I gotta go back 2 Alien and look 4 this!

Open Nero and then open the Nero Cover Designer, as if you were going to create a label. On the toolbar select Help/ About LightScribe. You should get a pop-up that displays:
Driver version: (LightScribe System Software version)

Who could have known I oculd have little adventure with my own hardware?


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If it helps at all, your images are not very clear in seeins what your trying to show us ....its almost like its toooo low rez :4-dontkno

Taking the screenshot
Microsoft Windows XP

* Pressing Alt-PrintScreen places an image of the frontmost window on the clipboard. Pressing PrintScreen by itself places an image of the entire desktop on the clipboard.
* Open MS-Paint. (From Start/Run, issue the command "mspaint".) Create a new empty image, and use Edit/Paste to bring in the screenshot you just took. (If the screenshot is smaller than the default Paint canvas, you'll end up with white areas. Start over: create a new empty image, change its dimensions to 1x1, and Paste again. The canvas will grow for the Paste, but it doesn't shrink.)
* Use MS-Paint to Save As, using PNG as the file format (it is superior to all the rest).
* Don't forget the post-processing.
No kidding? I am now on desktop with default new LCD res...highest, and everythig is clear here.....but I think I set lappy res lower....let me check and thanks so much!

PS just opened repeated attachment.....on this system on new LCD, sharp as tack....I will try to figure this out.

Let me try to isolate the Nero interfaces & blow them up via PAINT.
The image is clear enough but it's surrounded by white space which makes it bigger than the browser window. If you have 'resize large images to fit window' enabled, just click the image to enlarge it. Hope this helps :wink:
The blown up versions not clear here.....the originals way clear but I will do them anyhow.....diff % enlargement re each image.


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(Did U pee on any insensitive humans today?:laugh: )

OK, let me try that.....assuming I know wut that is, OK?

Cause if I got this lighyears me, I wanna know, OK?

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