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First, allow me address the issue at hand. The problem I am currently experiencing could not be found on Google using any of the many word variations I used, so I'm figuring "running hot" isn't even the proper term for this. It was 2 days ago that I decided to install an old game (Rainbow Six 3 RS) onto my Vista computer. At first I expected it not to work at all, so when the installation began and finished I was quite delighted. Delighted enough to ignore how loud and hot my CD-Drive was running. I booted up again yesterday, noticing it was still loud and hot, even when not running the software, but I ignored it and went straight to work. My computer than decided to freeze and I had no option but to manual shut down. After boot up, the computer was quieter and cooler. Thats when I noticed the CD-Drive wasn't making a single chirp. When I went to examine, first I saw that the computer didn't recognize an "E" drive. Secondly I noticed that the eject button was non-responsive.

I think it burned it out, but it was running fine before. It was quieter with any other disc. Also when I ejected the disc with a paper clip and put it in my better drive (DVD 16x etc... really nice stuff) I saw that this drive as well would get louder and hotter. Not wanting to burnout this one, I removed the disc, and tried another. Sure enough, quiet as it had always been.

The computer is custom and specs are as follows:
2.4 GHz Intel Dual Core
2 G's of Ram
(1) NVidia 8800 GTS
NVidia 680i Motherboard
Gigabyte Chassis 3D Aurora (Tower)
500 G SATA Hard Disk
Windows Vista Home Premium SP1 (32)

Everything else is stock.


P.S. It is notable enough to include that the device manager in the control panel still lists the burnt out drive.
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