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CD Audio Autorun problem

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My Audio CD's aren't run anymore!
In fact, any game CD i try to run that uses Music from CD has problems , or it crashes or it just doesnt produces music!

My CD Player has gone nuts, my pc crashes if i try to reproduce an Audio CD; maybe my problem started with WinAmp CD file associations, but i uninstalled WinAmp and problem persists.

Please, HELP! How can i make my pc running Audio CD's automatically again and without crashing problems?

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The problem now is somewhat different:

In fact, using Winamp as default CD Player , it can read Audio CD's. the problem is that my access to Audio CD is very slow and it takes more that 10 secs jumping from track to track! this isn't normal, and the music keeps repeating until track changes : let's say i'm hearing a string "....i know what..." and then i select to change track forward or backward or any other track in CD; it keeps saying that string all over and over until track changes...
This is not normal!

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