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I'm not sure how to get past a catch-22 situation on this laptop.

Original Problem:
Won't boot to XP, Won't boot to Safe Mode. System Hangs. Looking at ntbtlg.txt was not helpful. No obvious errors.
I don't have recovery disks. When I try to run Recovery (F11) it says 'Completing recovery partition...'. Please insert System Restore CD/DVD #1 now.'

Brief summary of actions:
1. Performed a repair install from my retail Win XP Home disk. No change in boot hang.
2. Performed full install from retail WinXP Home disk that is installed on other system. System boots, but can't leave this on due to invalid License key. Installed Gateway recovery CD creator. But recovery creator does not find the recovery partition.

It appears the recovery partition may be intact. I see the i386 and MinNT directories and they have what looks like all the files. I see driver files and a few dozen App directories. Program files directory structure is present but empty.

So I can't boot from the OS that should have the the capability to create the recovery CDs. But the reinstalled OS can't find the Recovery Partition.

Main question is how can I get the System Recovery app to find the recovery partition? Is there another way to use the recovery partition to restore the system?

I do have a full disk back up of system disk, both partitions, taken before the full re-install.

Am I missing something else?

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