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Cat stoled my fuel capacity!

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Not really, I keep the cats away from my chariot.

I still have the 1995 Ford Taurus SHO that I had brought here earlier in regards to the A/C & alternator belt. Still haven't had time to work on that... Now I'm just sick of wondering why my 18.6 US gallon tank tops off at 12 US gallons! I'm fairly certian it's not a bad sender unit, but nobody I know who has a car like mine (all 2,355 of them) has mentioned this.

Any ideas? Did the cat really stoled my fuel capacity?
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The tank hasn't partially collapsed, has it?
Upon inspection from the underside it appears to be fine.
SHO is special high output if i am not mistaken...

when ford puts these together, there is sometimes some small subtle changes.

so, possibly the SHO models got a smaller tank, for the lightness factor.

when you say 18 gallons, are you seeing that in the SHO owners manual?

on top of that, i have seen a few cars that had aftermarket replacement tanks, does yours look stock, or like someone may have replaced it?
Nope, every SHO rolled out of the factory with an 18.6g tank. I'm the second owner of my car but I doubt that the tank was replaced. I'll talk to my mechanic when I next take the car in.
I looked up gas tanks on Autozone's site, and they list two different sizes for a Taurus. The 18 and a 16. Is it possible the tank was replaced with the smaller one?

Edit: made a typo
Even if I did have a 16 gallon, I'm still only able to put in 12. I wanna know where the extra capacity went. ;.;
This may sound silly, but try a different station and see what their pump says.
Different pumps in different cities all tell me the same thing. I'd like to take the tank off and clean it, and then fill it to be sure.
Having been told that's not a good thing to do I haven't.
well, it's not the best thing to do, i was just wondering if you ever accidentally had.

it's possible the guage says empty, and there is still 2 or 3 gallons left.

i've seen this many many times, being able to drive for 45 mins on empty.

but, for what it's worth, if you run it down to the empty mark, and then take it off and flush the tank out, then when you fill it you should know exactly how much it holds.
I've given that some serious thought, now I just need time to do it.
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