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Case Cooling/ Best scenario

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In deciding how to best cool a case set up. I decided to get an AMD Athlon, one of the newer ones. So what would be the best setup for cooling. I guess a case will have two holes for fans right. So what do i do blow one in and one out, these are of coarse besides the cpu fan on the heatsink, and the fan on the video card. So i would have 4 fans, is this the correct way to set it up?
I am not at all familiar with cooling PC's this is why i am asking all these questions. I have another thread about building a PC but thought this subject would do good in its own thread, being that it is so important.
Or maybe what would help me if someone explained their set up, how many fans they use and how they have them hooked up.
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If you don't plan on overclocking, and don't live in a place like tahiti or similar then one fan sucking in air upfront and one fan blowing air out the back(aside from the PS fan) then get a good heatsink and fan for the cpu and you should be golden :D
Some basic things I do when I build a new computer at work.

If installing extra fans, make sure the follow the same airflow as the power supply fan. Usually, suck air in through the front, blow out the back.

Twist tie all the data cables neatly together. Also the same with power plugs.

If requested a PCI case blower. Should cost about $10-$20 roughly.

If request a 5 1/4 case blower.

If you really want to get fancy, spend the extra money and get the rounded data cables. Cost more, but provides better flow through the case and looks a lot better. Or you can make your own. I plan on trying this soon.
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ok, In the front out the back. The cables the round ones, I was gonna get them, they seem to be coming down a bit in price too. I was not sure as to how many fans you can actually have. If a mobo says it can handle 2 fans, does that mean you can't hook up any more than 2. That dont seem like a lot, considering you will want the one for the front, one for the back, one for a video card, one for the cpu, and some boards look like they have a fan on the north or southbridge chip. So that would be 5. Can you use those connection splitters or would that be over loading the board?
The one in the front doesn't usually get hooked up the the motherboard, that is only if you want to monitor the RPM of the fan. The one in the back sometimes gets hooked up but isn't necessarily required either.... it all depends on the connector used to give the fan power... if it's a three hole connector then it's motherboard powered, and the 4 pin molex ones are the ones that hook up to a powersupply.
BTW Danrak if your going to make your own... make sure you use a sharp straight pin rather than a razor blade or something... I ruined a spare ANCIENT floppy cable that way.... if you expose wire then it's screwed :)
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