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Card Readers and Docking Stations

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I'm not sure how to explain this but here goes. I have a laptop, a card reader and a docking station. When I have the laptop inserted into the docking station and the card reader inserted into a usb port I assign the card reader drive letters. Then when I remove the laptop from the docking station and attach the card reader the drive letters remain the same as assigned, however when I put the laptop back into the docking station the drive letters for the card reader are reset. This isn't a problem when the laptop isn't docked but, when docked there are network drives assigned to the F, H and I letters. Does anybody here know of a way to permanently assign the card reader to a drive letter. I will note that I have used the computer managment\disk management window to assign the drive letters. I have the same results when using other laptops.

The laptops I tried this with are all Dell's with Windows XP pro SP2. The usb ports are version 1.1.

Any suggestions will be welcomed.
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Here's the solution I managed to find on the forum, I quote:

You need to look in Disk Management (DISKMGMT.MSC). Disk Management is well hidden. The easiest way to get to it and other consoles is to right-click My Computer and select "Manage".
Here, you can import a drive, partition, format and reletter it.

Choose letters that are high in the series - like X, Y and Z.
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Tried that already. The problem is I assign the card reader drive letters using disk management, usually x,y,or z while it's docked. then undock the laptop plug the card reader and it works fine. Then I dock the laptop plug in the caed reader and the drive letters are reset to E, F, or G which are also assigned to some network drives. I can't change the network drive letters because I sometime hook the laptop up to my companies network and they require those drive letters to be used. I need to know how to permanently assign drive letters to the card reader so that they stay the same whether or not the laptop is docked.
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