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card comparison!!!

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i just wanted to ask which one of these cards is the best.......
1) Nvidia Geforce4 Ti4000(128MB)
2) Nvidia Geforce FX5200 Ultra(128MB)
3) Nvidia Geforce FX5500(256MB)

thanx alot :wink:
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Here is a good comparison for you. Prices are not bad eighter.
the FX's will support DX9 where the TI wont support all the games that use it. The 5500 is a little better as it has more memory and performs better in benchmarks vs the 5200.

If i would get one i would ask myself what games i want to play, if i want to play BF2 you need a 5200 or 5500 will do better (the ti4200 isnt supported but can with a little fix from a guy online who recoded the shaders for bf2)

Now if your not going to play BF2 and want a crazy card i would go with the ti4200 cause it is an awsome card still for its time! and will outperform the 5200 and 5500 in many benchmarks
The GeForce4 is the best of that group, even though it's the oldest. Shop online and try to get a Ti4600 if you can.
supported ones!!!

thanx for the replies........
but there is one more problem..........
i recently visited some of the game publisher's site(ubisoft, activision, rockstar, lucas arts, ea games/sports) and found that the fx ones are supported in almost all the cool games(chaos theory, far cry, prince of persia warriar within, etc........) but not the ti4600.

now can you guys tell me which is the best card ( i want a card that can support the latest, DX9 , and upcoming games)
The GeForce FX5200 and FX5500 are both technically DirectX 9 cards but their DX9 shader support is so weak that for most practical purposes they are really DirectX 8 cards. That's why a much older Ti4600 almost always beats the newer FX5x00s. None of the three cards you list have decent DX9 performance.

If you really want to run current and upcoming games you're going to have to look at some other cards. The cheapest possible card which has real support for DX9 is the Radeon 9550 but it's going to run current and upcoming games fairly slowly. Personally, the cheapest thing I'd consider at this point is a GeForce 6600GT if you want to do much gaming. What's the rest of your hardware and what kind of budget are you on?
the card must come in this much of money!!!

well guys........
i ready to spend about 85$ for a graphic card........
my system information is...;...........

P4 2.4Ghz
256MB Ram(i'm upgrading it to 512 along with the grapghic card)
4x agp supported (i donno if 8x is supported or not)
(right now i'm having a stupid nvidia geforce2 32 mb grapphic card :dead: )
i woulddnt go with FX or TI, for 85 you can get a 6200...
the FX series are just crap, the TI performed soo much better untill the geforce 6 line, which were designed abit better then the FX. the TI series used to be like buying a 7800 is now. its amazing on old games, but cant play the new ones cuz it just doesnt support the new drivers.
ide go with this
i got a souped up version of it and it performs better then most of the FX line, it will also last a very long time. you wont need a new video card untill your next computer with this, I guarentee it, cuz its got shader 3.0. it will last as long as your pentium 4
I've run down the AGP list at and the best thing you can get in your price range is a 9600 XT. You have to be very careful buying video cards in this price range because some of them come with 64 bit memory instead of 128 bit memory. Any card with 64 bit memory will give you very bad performance because it will be limited by its extremely low memory bandwidth (detailed info on memory bandwidth here). This is a speed comparison of AGP cards.
I still have a 9700Pro for sale. ;.; $79 + S/H and it's yours.
middle east!!!

i'm living in middle east(kuwait)....
can u name some nice video card which is available where i'm living........
5500(256MB) = 35K.D = 80\85$ :dead:
It's really helpful if you put your location into your profile. That way we know what we're dealing with. You're better off shopping for ATI in your price range. As long as you get the right model (make sure it has 128 bit RAM) then the best cards in your price range are the Radeon 9550, 9600, 9600 Pro, and 9600XT. They are way better cards than NVIDIA's FX5200 and FX5500. The 128 bit RAM version of NVIDIA's 6200 and the 6600 are out of your price range. If you can buy online then post a link to the ones you're looking at so we can make sure they're good models.
well well................

hey! yesterday i went to market some small surveys in graphic cards..........
i saw the graphic cards which i listed in the begininng of the thread(5500 , 5200 , ti4000\4600)

while i was returning home, from the car window i saw a ATI graphic card(since i was in a car, i got only a glimpse of it) it was in a yellow coloured packet.......

i donno which one was that card..........................

do you guys have any idea................................. :4-dontkno
lol, there are probably a lot of ones in yellow packets :p

I think you should atleast get a geforce fx 5700, I'd recommend a 5950 or whatever they are, as the 6200 is slightly out of your range.

The FX series should definately support agp 4x
is fx5950 or fx5700 in my range

is fx5950 or fx5700 in my range-----------------80-85$..........................................................
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