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cant start FEAR

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i installed FEAR without incident, but when i try to run it nothing happens. the hourglass comes up beside my pointer for a few seconds, then its gone and nothing happens.

ive tried updating my sound and video drivers, FEAR, and windows itself, but nothing works. t

heres no damage to the game. theres no error messages either, it just doesnt start. ive uninstalled and reinstalled 3 times, that doesnt work either. i also tried a windows xp security update thing that supposedly causes the problem, but still no luck.
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Hi Marrick, welcome to TSF

Please follow the instructions in these 2 links to run some preliminary checks and post your system specs.

Have you tried running the FEAR Configuration Utility? It should be in the Start menu below the FEAR game icon. This will test the game at various settings and tell you if anything is wrong.
yes, i did check it. it doesnt say anything is wrong, and like clicking the icon, nothing happens when i slick 'launch FEAR'

Motherboard – Dell Inc. OJ3492

CPU – Intel (R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.40GHz

ATI Radeon x300 videocard, and i use XP. sorry, thats all the info i could find, is it enough to help me?
Do you have trouble playing any other games?

Have you installed the latest DirectX? Run the Display tests in Start > Run > dxdiag.

Have you tried earlier versions of your graphics drivers? Did you uninstall the old drivers before updating? Instructions for Nvidia and ATI.

What type of monitor are you using, and what is the refresh rate and resolution?

System specs?
ill keep trying with the drivers, but no, i have never had any other problems with any other games. yes, i have the latest directX, infact installing it is part of installing FEAR.

also, according to the FEAR website, my computer should be able to run FEAR

in the part, ive also successfully run the FEAR demo
Try installing the demo again to see if it will still run. It's possible that if you uninstalled the demo after installing the full version that it may have removed some important files.

Have you installed the latest official patch? I don't think it relates to your problem, but it is a required update for when you get the game working.
i downloaded the demo back when it first came out, not after i installed the game. i have not had the demo since i installed.
how much memory does your computer have.if your ram is low you may not have enough to start the your control panel,and open system.the amount of ram you have will be right next to your cpu speed.
When the hourglass comes up do you hear any strange noises coming from your computer, fans speeding up, beeps etc.?
Is it possible to test the disk in another computer (friend or family)?

You could also try running a virus scan and try running the game off a clean boot by shutting down all unnecessary background programs.
This link will show you how to run a clean boot.
WinXP Clean Boot
my computer doesnt make any sounds, no. the hourglass just comes up, then its gone and thats all. it shows no other sign of responding then the hourglass
I think i've figured it out.
The problem is not due to the game at all, but Windows itself.
The problem is (i think), Windows has installed one of it's security updates on your computer, which, so it seems, does not want to play nice with FEAR.

Try this.
Start-> Control Panel-> Add/Remove Programs-> Check the "Show Updates" box at the top.
Find the Windows security update number 917422, if you can see that update there then simply go to
You shouold find a set of fixes for the relevant operating system and it's a simple matter of installing those.

If you can't see that entry in your installed programs then i'm at a loss for what else it could be.
Is your copy of FEAR a dvd? If so do you have a dvd drive? Thats what happened to me. I thought my drive could read DVDs but it couldnt. Newegg shipped the new one today. Fears working. (except a graphics issue Im trying to fix)
ok i had this exact same problem just with a different game. the best remedy is to uninstall it if it wont uninstall then youll have to google fear wont uninstall and then see if someone has found the registry files and delete them then delete the main folder and try to reinstall it if this dosent work someon correct me if im wrong.
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