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Cant shutdown the machine

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Hi guys :smile:

sometimes my pc wont shut happens only when Im connected to the's what happens:

Usually after a surfing session, I just disconnect (ive a adsl connection) and shut down the machine.
However, if my "sessions" are longer, I cant disconnect properly.
When I hit the "Disconnect" button, the connection tray icon seems to freeze. I cant click anymore on it, and I cant reconnect again, unless I reboot.

However, the real problem is the following:

When I try to shut down or to reboot the machine after this "disconnect" incidents happens, my pc seems to take ages to close, then a "terminate application" for the connection tray appears and after I tell it to terminate the normal shut down procedure continues until it gets to the "Saving settings underway" just freezes, the hd stops working.

So I need to cut the power or make an hard reboot.

This happens quite often, since I often leave the pc connected for hours...instead it doesnt occur when my connection sessions are short, so this led me to belive that it is a matter of connection time which determinate the freezing. Moreover, it ALWAYS happens if I upload stuff.

I even called the direct support for my isp, but they said there was a incompatibility somewhere with the software and left, so Im clueless.

Ive a p4 3000mhz, 1024 ram, ati x550, proper power supply, and Im almsot sure its free form malware.
Ive a fully updated AVG free antivirus, I make spybot scans often and Ive learned to use Hijack this...the modem is a DataWay usb modem

Any ideas??:sigh:
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Hi Romanov77 and welcome to TSF :smile:

I used to experience this problem and its a massive nuisance, I know :sigh: Sometimes 30 minutes to shut down!

Do you have Windows updates running?
Does it do this when you are working from a hibernate?

Try this please and see if it makes your shutdown quicker.

1: Deleting trash:

- Press the keyboard buttons: Winkey+r
- Paste in the box: inetcpl.cpl
- Press: enter
- Click: delete cookies
- Click: delete file
- Click: clear history

2: Disc Defragmenter

- Press the keyboard buttons: Winkey+r
- Paste in the slot: dfrg.msc
- Press Enter
(this process can take a long time)

3: Restoring corrupt/missing Windows files.

-Press: Winkey+r
-Type: sfc /scannow
-Hit Enter

It will try and restore missing or corrupt Windows Protected Files and may take a long time (although you'll see a progress bar).

4: Checkdisk

- Press the keyboard buttons: Winkey+r
- Paste in the slot: chkdsk /r
- Press: Enter
( black window appears)
- Press: Y button
- Press: Enter
- Reboot the comp
(this process is the longest, worse the screen may be
lost before hours later the computer arrives at the welcome screen)

Now try once again and see if it makes any difference. :smile:
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