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cant seem to load xp

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if i am loading xp on a comp that had 98 on it originaly
is it beeter to put xp on a fat32 or ntfs?
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That's up to you if want compatibility with older systems that use Fat32 use it if not NTFS has more security features.NTFS is a better filing system with less problems.
I dont think you should put xp on a machine that used to have 98, it may not be able to handle it... i may be wrong though.
the system surpasses the requirements for xp,

the cdrom was swapped after a full format when 98 was OS

and it does not seem to have cdrom support upon boot
so i tried to do it with 98 boot disc to kick over the
cd rom to instal xp to no avail ,

i have tried xp boot disks but will get to 4th disk and
and prompt an error and then abandon the install
I would do a clean install with NTFS.

Oh and you said it wont install, is it the full version or an upgrade?
Try to get a boot disk from here.

Get one with CDrom support.
sweet i will give it a shot later tonight ,
and post back my results thanks for prompt reply
you da man!
well i think i might have her figured out

how ever it says that i only have 16m of system ram?
i am assuming this means video ram?
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