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Cant RUN windows Vista !?!?!?

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Hello everyone ...
I'm back again with an unbelivable, wired problem as usual lol
Anyway... I installed Adobe Audition in Windows Vista Home Premium with my laptop HP Pavillion dv2700... it then asked me to restart my so that the installation can be completed... after i restared my p.c ..... everything was out of control.
right now .... i can't even start-up the windows and get into my files !

everytime i run my pc i get this message "Startup repair has tried several times but still cannot determine the cause of the problem"
so right now ... i think the best thing is to remove Adobe Audition by using DOS prompts

can you guys give me the instruction of how to remove any program (Adobe Audition) by DOS Commands ?

Thank you
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do a windows restore to a date before you tried the installation
i tried everything to restore windows' data but i keep get the same message again ...
i dunno what to do
tap f8 when booting and try
last known good configuration
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