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Cant reply to posts(off topic)

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Hi all, When I try to reply or quote soomebodies posts or threads it says that I might have sufficient privelages or administrator might have disabled my account...

Although I just created this account few minutes ago..

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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Hi and welcome to TSF :wave:

What post are you trying to reply to?

If it is in this forum:

You can't unless you start a new question. You can't reply to another posters question.

Yea it was the antivirus one, why not ?

Thanks for replying to my post:1angel:
Hi SalimD, and welcome to the forums, the reason is to protect you our valuable member. If we allowed just anyone to post in an area so vital to your computers integrity, then we would be as a forum negligent.

I am sure you appreciate that infected computers are unfortunately all too common today, the expertise to remove these infections in a safe and expert manner requires a level of ability, our security experts are chosen because they have meet these requirements. Again the advice you receive in these forums is likely to render your computer useless unless it is qualified, so the reason you cannot post is to protect you and the many thousands of others that have sought help in removing security related problems.

If you feel you have expertise in this area and wish to contribute by all means make this known. Up to the forum managers after that.

I might add it applies to all of us.
Thanks alot for that Jenae, I would love to join the team but I don't know what the qualifications are and if I have all of them or not. If I do not have all of the qualifications I would really, really love to learn because I am aiming to become a computer technician.
If someone could teach me it would help me alot in reaching my goal.

Thanks, Salim
Hi again:

We operate a small, but very good training academy here ourselves:

There enrolled is very limited, but there are other excellent places to learn.

Any more, everybody has complete a training program before they are allowed to assist with malware problems.

Hi again!

Thanks for that BG I really appreciate it! I will surely have a look and try to get into that training academy. And later on I might be able to join the TSF team!!

Thanks, Salim
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