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cant remove a jpg file

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ok so i am dumb i was using a file share program and downloaded a jpg
to my Music folder well its not a jpg file and i cant delete it. it says its jpg when i preview it but all it is white with the internet explorer E on it ( i have my files set to view thumbnails). when i double click it it opens a browser window . i have tried to delte it nothing happens i can't even move from the folder its in i tried renaming it and nothing happens . clicked properties and get the erro message "the properties for this item are not availble" i have tried deleting in safe mode .
also have disconnect from the internet as well and tried deleting in both safe mode and reg mode.
have run several virus and adaware scans with adaware, trend, cwshredder, spybot and avg
please help
oh and am sorry if this posted in wrong spot
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this is half of the reason we don't assist people with using peer to peer filesharing.

well, now you have that file in your machine, i can try to help you remove it.

you are going to need to find it's exact name, and exact location on your machine.

then, you will need to reboot, and when the windows logo pops up, press F8 and choose command prompt only.

then, you are going to need to "cd" until you are in the directory that contains the file.

then, you are going to use the first 6 letters of it's name, followed by ~1.jpg

for example, say the file's name is "sunsetonthebeach.jpg" in dos, it is now named "sunset~1.jpg"

you will type del sunset~1.jpg

it should delete the file with no problems this way.
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thank you
but what is cd? i know how to get to dos but an not sure what cd is
ok i still dont know what to do i even looked on the web and cannot figure out how to do this in dos help!!!!!
ok, before we try it in DOS, let's have a go at a nice little tool for windows.

Download and run Pocket Killbox. When you've got it open, click on the folder icon and browse to the file you need deleting. Select Standard File Kill and make sure End Explorer Shell While Killing File is ticked, then click the delete icon (the red circle with white cross). If this works, the file will be gone and a new folder will have been made at c:\!submit which contains a backup of the file - you are safe to delete both the file and the folder.

If this doesn't work, the best way normally is to follow the steps again, only this time instead of a Standard File Kill, select Replace on Reboot and check Use Dummy. Again the !submit folder will have been made and you are safe to delete the file and folder again, but this time you will need to manually delete the file you're trying to get rid of (which should now let you delete it).

If neither of these steps work, you may well need to delete the file in DOS like WaltSide says. The "CD" is the DOS command for Change Directory. It works like this, if you are at C:\> and you want to go to the windows folder, you type "cd windows" (without the quotes of course) to get to C:\Windows>. To go back a folder, type "CD.." and to go back to C:\> type "CD\".

So, to get to the folder C:\Windows\System32\dllcache for example, you would type (from C:\>):

cd windows
cd system32
cd dllcache

and you should be at C:\Windows\system32\dllcache>
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i have be really dumb i tried that and i couldnt get it work all i got was invalid directory or some thing
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