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I have a dual boot xp / Win98se system, with a CD-Rom drive and a CD-RW drive.

When I boot the PC under Win98 the drives read and write fine, so I feel confident that the drives and cables are working fine.

But when I boot up under XP, the RW drive will write fine but not read; and the CD-ROM drive will not read either. They do not read data or music cds.

But it seems that XP is at least "recognizing" that I have inserted CDs into the drives, because in the "My Computer" Window, the cd drive icons show a "CD-ROM" label beneath them after I insert disks into them. And on the CD-RW drive, this changes to say "CD-R" when I insert a cd-r disk.

When I say XP won't "read" the CDs, what I mean is XP won't display the contents of any disk from either drive, (But as I mentioned, Win98se displays the contents fine, so I know the drives and cable, motherboard ide controller, etc are functioning properly, at least under Win98se!.

When I double-click to open the CD-ROM drive, I get the following error message Dialog Box:
"Disk is not formated {in the blue title bar of the dialog box}
Windows cannot read from this disk. The disk might be corrupted, or it could be using a format that is not compatible with Windows [OK] "

I figure it must be some kind of software or driver problem.

I'm sure the CD drives had worked fine in the past under XP, so it must be something that I did in the last few months (new software, new drivers, motherboard chipset driver updates (Intel 845G/GL chipset), XP updates, patches, etc. ????)

I uninstalled the only CD burning program I had on the PC - Nero 5.5, but that did not fix the problem.

I wanted to try a "reinstall / repair" from the Windows XP cd but because my cd drives won't read, I can't use the XP Installation CD!

I "deleted" both drives under Device Manager, and then rebooted, allowing XP to "detect new hardware" and automatically install the drivers (these drivers are built-in to XP). This did not fix the problem.

I also stopped all software from loading in my startup group using msconfig. This, also, did not fix the problem.

I'm out of ideas - any thoughts?


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