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Cant print over local network to shared printer

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Since loading avg antivirus software I cant print from my laptop to the printer connected on my other computer. This used to run fine.
The printer works fine on my other computer.

I get messages such as cannot connect to the printer, and printer spooler not working. The printer spooler on my computer is working based on advice provided in a previous message

"Go to your start menu > run > type services.msc

In the window that loads scroll down to the Print Spooler and if it is not started, right click it and start it."

Is this a firewall issue or something else? Any informed suggestions welcome.
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Right click on the print spooler make sure that the start up type is "Automatic" and check the dependencies for the print spooler and srat them as well.
Hi Techy Pal

Thanks for suggestion but no luck. Forgot to mention that my home pc and laptop is running XP. I have a new pc running vista sp1 and having problem there as well. Vista keeps telling me to load printer driver which I have done. Although I "see" the printer I just cant get it to connect. So in summary two laptops not able to communicate to the printer attached to the main pc. My internet connections are good. I can search shared files on the main pc OK so is my problem on the latter pc? Do I need to reload drivers on main pc or are there other settings? Further suggestions welcome.

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