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Can't open Incredimail 2

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I am writing from a new notebook (my registration details) but in connection with my old laptop using Windows XP.

Incredimail have upgraded to IncM2. I have used the older free version for years. I foolishly opted to download the upgrade, and have not been able to open it since.

I have uninstalled and downloaded again umpteen times with no success. I have written to their forum, which gave me a link for the best download, and that didn't help. Since then they have not answered me; that is why I have come to you. I hope you can help me.

All i require is to access my history, which is on the old account. I have been trying for a month.


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Hi and welcome to TSF if you have it installed try using revouninstaller and see if it can clean it out use the free version Download Revo Uninstaller Freeware - Free and Full Download - Uninstall software, remove programs, solve uninstall problems

Edit incredimail Download IncrediMail
Tech Support Forum <[email protected],
Thank you for your answer and your advice. I downloaded the uninstaller and used it on the unopenable IncM2. It produced about 5000 files which I checked randomly to see that my emails were not in the list, and then deleted them. I then downloaded IncM2 from a link I got from the IncM Forum that called it "full setup". But this couldn't open either.,
So I went back to the uninstaller again. This time there were 20,000 files! I was getting tired, and I deleted them all. Over the weekend I was agonising over whether I had deleted my history!!
This time I went to OldVersions. I had tried other websites that offered the old version IncMXe but they didn't work, and I concluded that IncM had blocked them, so I was surprised when this website worked, and I was able to open it. However the first attempt gave me a new account with no link to my Yahoo address, and so no history.
So I tried again, and it worked insofar as it did link to my Yahoo site and received the the current emails from Yahoo!
But my older history has not been found. It was not on Yahoo: I had deleted it from Yahoo after I had received it on Incredimail. Up to now my husband and I have shared an email address, and he used Outlook Express, and I IncM, and was able to send birthday cards etc from mine.
I will now go to the IncM Forum, and see if I can find anything about how to retrieve old history. I am very grateful for your help, and if you have any suggestions in this line, would you email me please. And may I come back to you if i don't get satisfaction?
Many, many thanks,
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Hi glad your at least part way there not sure how much help I would be from here, but do comeback if you need to and we can see if someone cn offer some suggestions
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