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cant log in

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i cant log on
On my computer there are three users. Two of them do not have a password and one does by i know it to for some reason:grin:and they are standard accounts. One of them is an administrator account that does have a password. I am the administrator so i know the password. I can log on to my account just fine. When I try to log on to one of the other ones it gets to where it says logging on then says logging off and the screen goes black for a second then goes back to the screen where you click your name. I tried creating a new account but it had the same problem.
here are the details for my system:
hp pavilion a1700n
OS windows vista home premium
ram 894mb
cpu 2.2ghz dual core 4200+
system hdd samsung sp2504
secondary hdd(for backups) WD 5000(500gb)
display driver NVIDIA GeForce 6150 LE
monitor LG L192WS
Please help!!:sigh:
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Create a new account, boot to safe mode and log on to the new account. Let me know what happens.
your sure that won't make me lose files?
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