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Can't install OS!

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Ok, I have a Dell Latitude c400 with the A12 BIOS. I'm sure on not the first person who has run into this problem, but I can't find a good solution.
I cannot install windows on another machine and then put the hard drive back in, it won't boot properly. I know the hard drive works because it runs great in my other laptop. I also know that the Dell is reading the hard drive because if I boot in safe mode it scrolls through a number of files before going to the blank screen with the flashing cursor in the corner.
I tried formating and copying the windows install files on my laptop and then putting it back in the Dell and got nothing. I have windows installed on both partitions but it doesn't ask on bootup which to use, it's just choosing one or the other and asking if I want to use safe mode.

Here are my questions:
-Is there a way to upgrade the Dell A12 BIOS to support booting from the USB?
-Is there a way to install a windows which will work in different machine (I tried using the sysprep tool but didn't have any success, I think it was over my head)
-Are there any other ways to get Windows XP installed on this machine and working!?

Thank you!!!
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For those of you who aren't familiar with this computer it has one USB drive and no internal CD drive. Effectively, the LAN and the Internal HDD or the only supported boot options, and I have no idea how I would set up on OS from the LAN.
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