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Can't install maximum supported memory?

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Hello, I am having an issue installing more memory to my computer.
I have an eMachines T3516a with an ECS RC-410M Motherboard with an AMI bios
Here is a link to the mobo

for what it is worth my processor is a Celeron D 3.2ghz

My computer runs DDR2 PC2-5300 ram and already has a 1gb stick installed (I took out the 512 that came with it). The current ram is made by kingston and works fine in both memory slots. When I try to install another stick of the same kind of ram I boot the computer (it boots fine) and shortly after the computer will crash. I have gone into system information and it DOES recognize 2048mb of system memory. I have switched between both sticks of ram and when it is only one stick my computer runs fine, I have run memtest86 and both sticks are in good condition, nothing wrong with them, I
have installed the ram to both (i have two) memory slots and everything works fine, but my computer just simply wont run with 2gb of ram.,, and e4allupgrades states that my maximum supported memory is 2gb. I then downloaded System Information for Windows which stated that my maximum supported memory was only 1gb, I also downloaded ASTRA32 and it also stated my maximum supported memory was 1024 mb... Oh yeah, the user manual for my mobo also states my maximum
supported memory was 2048, and the computer's manual said 2048mb max supported memory also. So basically I am confused as heck as to if it is possible to actually get 2gb of ram to work in this POS eMachine, I have one thing saying 2gb, i have another saying 1gb. There are plenty of reports of other people I have found on the internet having 2gb work perfectly
fine. Is it possible that my BIOS is holding me back, did the evil eMachines brand sabotage my upgradeability, did satan possess this heap of junk? any suggestions?

P.S. Sorry if I was suppose to post this in the memory section but I think it is more of a mobo issue, I'm new here and this is my first post I don't want to come across as a moron who can't even post to the right section :tongue:
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Check for the latest Bios. Check the ram voltage, make sure all your sticks are the same.
Try 1 gig plus the 512 stick with it. When you boot with one stick check in the Bios to confirm the correct timing is being picked up. Sometimes the timing has to be set manually.
Most likely the sticks are not the same try using sticks in a matched pair.
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