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Can't install anti-virus, and I think I have a virus?

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Hey there everybody! I seem to be having a lot of computer trouble lately...
So my brother, being the idiot that he is never installed an anti-virus program on his laptop and was just using the windows firewall instead. Something about losing some paperwork or something... (he doesn't remember of course!). So my family's been using it while he's been away (he joined the Navy), and I didn't know that he didn't have any anti-virus. I'm pretty sure it got a virus because the internet got really slow and then stopped working altogether. I restored the computer to a few days previous of that and the internet works now, but I'm wary of connecting to the internet of course. I've tried scanning the computer, but it can't find any type of virus or anything. I've tried to install Trendmicro PC-Cillin, but it says that something is preventing it, then it does a scan (only to find nothing) and then says it can't install.
So, long story short(er), I'm not sure what to do now. My computer knowledge kind of ends here. And to make matters somewhat worse, my brother never burned any of those installation CD's when he first got the laptop. Any suggestions? I found this link
to burn a recovery CD, is this something I should think about?
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Anyone else think I'm pretty much screwed :upset:?

I read somewhere that if Vista came pre-installed then there should be a recovery partition that I can use to format/reinstall Windows. Does anyone have any knowledge they wish to impart on me? :cry:
You can always try different virus programs.
I reccomend:
Norton antivirus
Malwarebytes anti-malware. Not sure if this is for virus's but it always finds what my other scanners dont, not sure if they are ever real problems though.
Combofix. Also not sure if it is a virus scanner, but I used it with malwarebytes to get rid of a VERY annoying virus, stopping me from installing certain virus scannners, and programs, or even running a backup.
Ad-Aware .

Hope they install, and help.
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