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Can't Insert Picture

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I seem to be having trouble posting a picture when on other forums that have that feature. Whenever I click on the "Manage Attachments" tab, nothing happens. A box should pop up that allows you to browse your HD and select a pic from your "My Pictures" folder and then you can upload it. It won't work with FF. I have the latest version... and use XP Home with Zone Alarm Pro and avast with several spyware programs such as Spybot, Spy Sweeper, Ad Aware and Win Patrol I don't think these are the problem. Can someone suggest a fix? Perhaps it's a tweak or an additional Ad On that I don't have.
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Any software that is blocking pop up windows will need to be checked. If you've forced Fx to open all such links in a new window then you'll have to wait a while. I suggest you wait a little while before seeing if anything comes up (it may seem as though nothing is at first) as a first.

Are your spyware software running all at the same time or if not which ones are?
Have you tweaked Fx in any way from the default settings?
I haven't made any tweaks except going into about:config to speed FF up a little. Several programs run in the background and start at startup but, I don't think they are what's causing the problem. BoClean , a-squared, WinPatrol and my antivirus, avast and Zone alarm all start at the same time. I did have NoScripts but have disabled that as I thought that might be the wasn't.

Also, after clicking Manage Attachments, I waited a full two minutes and still-nothing happened.
Well, maybe for a very short time shut off a-squared and BoClean and see if you can load it up then. Obviously something is blocking it.

Is this a new installation of Firefox? If so how did you install it? Was this function ever working in your recent and previous installation of Firefox? Which extensions/themes do you have installed?

What are the tweaks you've made to about:config?

Some of them block browser windows from opening.
Can't insert pix with FF?

Now I found that anomaly out quite a while ago. One appears to be unable to post pix in the Dialogue box on Firefox when uploading to my MSN Chat group. In Firefox all one gets is a dialogue box to type the text. No option for Italics/Bold/Colors/pictures.... nothing..... I am aware of this, so If I want upload a pix to my MSN chat group I use Internet Explorer.....No problem, but I do not use Internet Explorer for anything else:wave:
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