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Hi all,
I can't get my XP system to finish booting. BIOS is ok, everything is recognized, the initial black Windows XP screen comes up, then, the two-tone, striped blue Windows screen comes up. Normally the system just logs me in after this screen. Now, however, the system just hangs. The hard drive lights turn off and the system is frozen -- it won't even respond to me pressing the cycle power button.

The background is that this drive was ghosted over from a working hard drive using Norton Ghost 9. I did the backup from the Windows application, not from a floppy. I got no errors, and it looked as if everything was fine. Then, I went ahead and installed a RAID controller, and set that up. As it turns out, it copied the crappy version of the hard drive onto the working one, and now I'm stuck with two hard drives that won't boot!

I've tried booting in safe mode; it gets me to the exact same point and then freezes the same. I've tried restoring to the "last good" configuration, and that also gave me the same results. Following some other suggestions I found online, I made backups of each of:

and replaced them with:

This didn't work either.

Any thoughts on what the heck is going on and how I can fix this problem?

Thanks in advance!
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