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Cant Get Windows to Reconize ram on Gigabyte Motherboard

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i tried adding new ram to my computer, but windows never noticed it installed. it always was the same 4gb ive always had. im just wondering the steps to get it to acknowledge the ram. and also do u have to match all the ram across the board like a hyper threading technique? i currently have two, 2gb ocz gold pieces of ram, and my motherboard apparently goes upto 16gb.


i currently have 2 matching color pairs left, so a total of 4 slots left for memory, that i would like to fill out. so is it possible to get 4 more 2gb sticks of ram? i am really lost here. any help would be greatly appreciated and extremely helpful. and how do i get windows to reconize it? i am currently running xp, do i need windows 7 for it to get noticed?

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32bit windows of any version will only make up to 3.2 gig available, it a limitation of 32bit operating systems, for more then 4 gig you need to use a 64 bit OS, 64 bit XP has rotten driver support, Win7 64 is the best choice. Another note very rarely do actually need or use more then 3gig.
thanks for the quick response. i should have added that i am running a pro tools music system, with my computer being the host resource. also to run a 64, how can u tell if ur computer can run that or not? i am planning on getting windows 7, so if there is a way.
Unless you have a older Celeron CPU on the P45 board you can run 64 bit.
Use the Win7 upgrade adviser to see if there may be any other issues>
i am running a q6600. i am thinking about getting a q9650 though. also does it matter what ram i get? does it have to be identical to what i already have, or can i just buy any matching sets?

To fill the slots it's best if all the ram is on the motherboard QVL, or the ram manufacturer has certified it for the board, as filling all the ram slots with untested ram can be problematic> Ram QVL .PDF file for your board>

Memory manufacturers configuration tools> Corsair , Crucial , OCZ
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