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Can't get passed 4.1GHz

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Ok, so I am trying to OC my CPU, but it won't boot into windows once I go passed 4.1 GHz.

FSB is 255
Multiplier is stock at 16
Volts are set to auto, so I'm not sure. I think it's around 1.3

Mobo is Crosshair Iv extreme
CPU is Phenom II 3.2 Ghz x6
RAM is 1333 (I know, I know crappy) 4gb x2 (8gb for you Math nerds out there)

so, my question is how can I get it above 4.1? I use water cooling, and my idoling temps at 4.1 are still at like 33-34C, so I have a fair bit of room.

The FSB at 255 is about the MAX as far as I can tell. Should I just raise the Multiplier with my current 255 FSB? Or like lower the FSB and raise the multiplier?

What do you sages of the internet recommend?
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Ok you'll need to adjust the voltage yourself probably 1.45 should be enough might have to go to 1.5ish. And I have 1333 ram it's on auto so when I OC my CPU the ram OC as well. It's at 1524 in my rig. You might need to change it to auto in your bios if it's not already.
Brand & Model of the RAM, GPU and PSU?
Ram elixer
Psu corsair 850tx
Gpu radeon hd 6870
Sorry for not posting the numbers. Turns out my 4.1 OC wasn't as stable as I thought. My internet browsers stopped working for some reason, so I tried posting with my Android. But, I guess that didn't go as planned.

Now I am at 4013mhz, which seems kinda low for my setup. I ran Prime95 for about 4 hours and the temp never got above 49C, which seems to me that I should have a lot more room to overclock. I just can't seem to get it stable.

RAM Elixer w3u1333q-4g
GPU Radeon HD 6870 Part Code: hd-687a-znfc serial: lyu118939
PSU Corsair TX850W Model: CMPSU-850TX
MB: Crosshair IV Extreme
CPU: Phenom II 3.2GHz Black Edition 1090

Thank you in advance.
Raise the multiplier to 17-18 range and lower your FSB to around 235-245, then up your voltage to around 1.45-1.55.
Okay, thanks guys. I just tried it, it it's running quite stable now! I will run Prime95 after this to, you know, see how stable it actually is.

Anyway, looking at my temp and whatnot, do you think I could shoot for a little higher? Or would that be too risky?

Again, thanks guys!


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Okay, wow! Blue screen city over here!

I set it to 235 FSB 18 multiplier and 1.45V and it runs great.

But, I tried setting it at 245 FSB(about 4425MHz) and it was BSODing all over the place. So I raised the voltage to 1.50 but it went into the red.

Even if it goes in the red, should I still put it at 1.55? This may be a noob question, but I really don't want to ruin anything.
Yeah you can safely go into the red voltage levels but you need to have proper cooling, so try 238 * 18 and see if you can hit 4.3 safely with 1.5 volts.
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