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can't get new computer to boot

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I just bought new parts to make a computer. I bought an asus p4s5ss-mx motherboard, a 2.4 p4 533 fsb 512 mb of generic ddr ram and an 80 gb seagate drive. i used my old HP cr writer and a floppy i had sitting around. I can get the system to boot using a floppy. but if i try to boot up using a cd or the hard drive it just hangs. I installed win me on the hard drive using another computer to see if that was the problem but it still hangs. Can any one please give me any tips on how to truobleshoot this problem

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Start by booting from a floppy and seeing if you can see the hard disk.

You didn't mention what error you get when you attempt to boot from the hard disk, could it be that you don't have any active partitions set? Fire up FDISK on the boot floppy and check what's on the hard disk.
Welcome to TSF tekin.............:D

If both of these drives (The CD and The Hard Drive) are using there own IDE cables to connect to the motherboard make sure the jumpers are set to master on both drives.

Also make sure the Hard Drives IDE cable is on the proper connector on the motherboard, And that you are using an ATA100 cable for the hard drive. Also the blue end of the IDE Cable needs to be connected to the motherboard.
thats were i am having trouble i can boot from the floppy and it will let me use the hard drive and the cd-rom. but if i go to install windows it stall before it gets into the setup. It doesn't give me any error messeges and there are no beeps it goes through the post just fine and it sees all the drives. Its got me totally lost
Have you tried clearing the CMOS?

Is the virus detection turned on in the bios? If it has that option.

If so disable it and try the installation then.
still wont work i am gettin ready to throw it out a window
Do you have some other memory to try in there, that would probably be the next thing I'd try.
don't have any but was gonna buy more any way so i'll try that thanks
johnwill said:
Throw it my way. :D:D
You need to get in line, I'm already standing outside his window..............LOL
Hi Tekin,

You don't mention what video card youre using
so I'm presuming you also had it hanging around
anyway I had a simular problem when I built my
last computer I reused my old video card (radeon 7500)
problems all the time because the new m/board
uses lower voltage on the agp slot , new video card(agp 4)
fixed the problem

all the best...........Webbtronics
its has onboard video i am using for now
I recently built an ATHLON XP 2500 machine with all new parts and about a month in it just stopped booting. It would post ok but then nothing. It turned out the new Seagate Barracuda 40GB had died. Hope this helps. I have had faulty ram and in this case you don't even get a post.
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