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I have an ESD strap, but I wasn't wearing it that day. I do however touch the metal part of the case before I handle any peripherals.
I know the ESD strap is all the rage, but it's not totally mandatory. The object of the exercise is indeed to dissipate any static electricity before touching sensitive components. If you use proper precautions, you don't really need one for every task with electronics. I have one with a static mat that I use for touchy stuff, but I confess that doing stuff like swapping cards in computers I don't got that far. However, I don't sit in the fabric chair that generates static, I have a wood floor, and I do indeed discharge myself on the chassis before I plug/unplug any cards or cables.

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I have a self-built system running Windows 11 and I can't get into the BIOS to make some changes. I was having this issue long before installing 11.
The specs are:
Asus Z170-A Intel Socket 1151
3.7 Ghz. dual core 5th Gen Processor
8 gigs DDR 4 @ 3000
NVIDIA GTI 1660 Ti 6 Gigs DDR 6
750 Watt PSU
I had an older video card that I swapped the GTI out for and as soon as I installed it I lost my audio, I was using a Creative Soundblaster card and even after reinstalling all of the drivers I still have issues with the sound clipping, and it's really distorted. I even took out the sound card and uninstalled the drivers for it.
If I shut my computer down overnight and reboot it the next morning, it won't boot into windows unless I hit the reset button. It no longer shows that it's going into POST, and it goes straight into the login screen.
I have tried holding down either the F2 and Delete button when I first power on the system, and if I do that, it won't boot at all until I press the reset button.
The only thing that I haven't done is reset the RTC clock to see if I can get into the BIOS that way.
Is there any other thing that I can try? I'm waiting on parts for a new build but I want to be able to get into the setting on this one. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
As windows 11 is a beta build, like windows 10 when it was in the same stage, many thing's that didn't work completely as they should . I was on the insider program for win 1o and believe me it was a nightmare,If they were manufacturing and selling a product with so many faults they would have been out of business many years ago.
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