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Can't get anything to work

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I have been unable to start Windows 98 at all in normal mode and have only been able to get it to load up fully in Safe Mode once or twice. Occasionally it scans the drive, but that never helps; it doesn't end up loading Windows anyway. When I was able to load Safe Mode I went to help and followed its instructions to run msconfig and do some sort of "diagnostic start-up." It told me to do a step-by-step confirmation, which I did, following the instructions to the letter, but after one of the prompts it just locked up and stopped doing anything. At this point I'm just going around in circles as nothing seems to be working. It locks up on normal mode and safe mode, and I don't see how any of the other options would do anything.

This problem arose when my father was scanning some pictures into the computer - it was taking a long time, and it finally locked up, I suppose.

My computer is custom-built by Proteva, 450 Pentium III, 192 MB RAM, 12 MB ATI video card (can't remember the exact name), Windows 98.

Thanks for any help.
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do you have all your drivers?

if you have every driver disk that goes to your hardware, i would suggest a reinstall. put the files on your extra drive or partition, or burn them to a cd or send them to another machine on your lan if you have one. find a safe place to put your files, and reinstall. this is the simplest thing to do if you have your drivers.

i will also see if i can find a different solution, but with the operating system its easiest to reinstall.

thats only if you have 100% of your driver discs.

and if you have a second drive, then you can use a startup floppy to start in dos mode, and then you will be able to move the files to safety, then reformat and reinstall.

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