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can't get a working 100Mps link !

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I got a weird problem with my network connections.

My network skills are ok but I not a qualified tech so this is pretty weird to me and if anyone has an answer to the problem, I would like to understand what's going on here... so here's the problem

my network is set up this way

MODEM --> ROUTER --> SWITCH --> network JACKS --> comps ...

for some reason's and maybe since 2 months, my computers in the network started to work and not work (they lost the connection for no reason and the "cable disconnected" in XP started flickering") before everything was fine ... any how, to make a long story short, I finally made it working by setting the NIC running 10Mps and half duplex modes... then I was wondering if it was the cards or my DHCP Router who was behaving badly, and for some Reason If I got this connection:

MODEM --> ROUTER --> SWITCH --> comps ...

it was working OK (in auto sensing mode wich was 100Mps full duplex)...

now my questions are :

1. is it possible to get a full duplex and 100Mps link with my first set up?
2. is it possible that the cables running in my walls are "tired" and causing the trouble or maybe just not supporting the full duplex 100Mps link (if that is even possible !) ?

thanks -razz:
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If possible you may want to skip the switch and go right from the router. It ensures the least resistance in the line.
ok but I need more port than my router offers, so you think it would be a resistance problem ?
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