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Can't Delete A Corrupt Jpeg File!!!

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I've got a problem. I just got this computer that my Father In Law gave me and I was deleting his nude girly pics. One of the pics would not delete. It came from Kazaa but it is out of the Kazaa share folder and now it is on the desktop. I try to put it in the recycle bin but it says it can't be deleted. I've tried to rename it and it won't let me. I've opened it up in Photoshop and try to save it but it won't let me. I've run all kinds of AV's on it and they don't see it. My system is XP Pro. How do I get rid of this file! It's driving me nuts!!!:angry2:
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:tongue2: First tell him to format the thing first next time.

Anyway, do you have admin rights on the system? Also is it a picture or an icon of a program (big diff.) If its a picture make sure nothing is running it and that kazaa is off at the time so its not being shared while your trying to delete it.
I want to format it.

I would like to format it. It has two HD on it. C drive is ME; D drive is XP. Don't ask me y he did that. Anyway, it is a picture. I do have Kazaa off. It's in its own folder on my desktop. What Now?
Have your tried to Shift + D it?

Whats the exact error message? Permission denied .. but it normally will tell you why ...
Haven't Tried Shift+D yet.

It says "Cannot delete (name of file) because it is appears to be locked or it is being used by another program." or sometimes it says it is a read only file or something like that. I've gone into the properties and I can't change anything there either.
You could always boot into safe mode and get rid of it.
Tried that

I've tried that. It still won't let me delete it.
what does happen when you try to change the attributes ? does it tell you permission denied or what ? can you do a restore on the xp ? do you notice anything strange running in your task list ?
How about rebooting into DOS mode on the ME side - or use a boot disk. Then delete it.

Might check the attribs on it. Just for grins do a c:\filename attrib -h -s.
Now What?

Ok, What do I do to delete it in DOS?
You'd have to know the file name and the path. For instance if it is in C:\Windows\System\Pics\girl.jpg then you would do:

Cd Windows\System\Pics\
dir *.jpg

- see all the .jpg files

del girl.jpg

This should do it.

(Note, not saying that's where the file is - just where it could be hidden for instance)
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I'll give it a try

Thanks, I'll try that.
How about just leaving it in peace and let it be....
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